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Let the inside and outside become one!

Welcome to Reviva Designs!

I am Gillian and I create art that embodies the full human experience – my works bring together inner worlds and outer landscapes. I bring you meditative emotive pieces, which capture a moment, a feeling, a season…for you.

Revive your soul – select a work that draws out your inner world and enables your whole self to be seen. I also offer limited spaces for the deeply personal experience of commissioning a bespoke art-doll.

Enhance your well-being – my art allows you to welcome the spirit of the natural world into your space, where it can nourish you.

I work intuitively, allowing my media to tell a story using natural materials whenever possible. I also find delight in re-working and re-purposing found objects, incorporating them into my unique work.

Please browse my creations, assured that each piece has been skilfully worked, with great care. Using recycled materials where possible, your chosen work will arrive securely packaged – ready to enhance your space.

Play, Become, Be!

“invitation – can we play?”

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